The Small Business Marketing Funnel

A small business marketing funnel is similar to a general marketing funnel but differs in big and small ways to explore the concept in detail.  Knowing the difference and fostering a distinct approach to a marketing funnel will help small business owners immensely. What is a Marketing Funnel – A simple definition of the marketing funnel by VentureHow marketing experts: A marketing funnel is a conceptual framework of various stages of evolution for a prospect to become aware of a product or a service from a company and all way to conversion, as in making a purchase, and on to […]

Mastercard Marketing Transformation Lessons for Small Businesses

Mastercard marketing transformation and resulting success with the “Priceless Experiences” campaign has been heralded as a watershed moment and rightfully so. Mastercard marketing transformation is now a Harvard Business School case study.  Mastercard CMO Raja Rajamannar has been hailed as a marketing guru. While Mastercard’s stupendous marketing success can be deemed to be the result of a multi-million dollar campaign of a multi-billion dollar company, there are lessons for small businesses.  Of course, as a small business owner you will not be able to match the might and reach of a major brand like Mastercard, but in your small way, […]

Social CRM for Small Business

Social CRM for small business is an overview of how entrepreneurs can leverage the branding, marketing, and relationship opportunities on social media platforms. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a hot topic for the vast majority of businesses today. Without the use of this type of technology, plan, and platform, companies can struggle to meet the needs of their customers, collect the proper information for appropriate interaction, and understand what their customers want and need from the company and its product or service. With appropriate CRM, however, many of these pitfalls can be avoided. Social CRM is a newer player […]

Small Business Retirement Plan Options

Small business retirement plan options is an overview of various qualified and unqualified options available for entrepreneurs and their employees. Small business owners who want to offer their employees a retirement account have multiple options. However, there are pros and cons to each investment vehicle, and before choosing one, you should review the alternatives carefully. All small business retirement accounts fit into one of three categories: Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), Defined Contribution Plans and Defined Benefit Plans. In short, IRAs are best for independent contractors or small businesses. Defined contribution plans including 401ks as well as profit-sharing plans are great […]

Small business legal entity types

Small business legal entity types can seem complicated. The legal entity type of your business impacts virtually every component of it. It determines how much you pay in taxes. It also defines liability matters related to your personal assets. The best way to select the right business structure for your business is to weigh the options available to you. Small business legal entity types: Brief Overview Sole Proprietorship A sole proprietorship is the simplest of all business structures. It requires taking no steps. If you start a business today as a single owner, it is generally classified as a sole […]

Small business bankruptcy guide

Small business bankruptcy guide is an overview of the types of restructuring and liquidation options available for entrepreneurs. Bankruptcy is something no business wants to think about or need, but it is a financial tool that most small companies can use to restructure or leave the industry. It’s no secret that many small businesses fail in their first few years. The Small Business Administration reports that half of all companies survive five years or more and about one-third of them survive over ten years. Many reasons exist for this including lack of a viable service, poor money management, economic factors, […]

Protecting Intellectual Property of a Small Business

Entrepreneurs seldom pay attention to protecting intellectual property of a small business. At times, this can be detrimental to sustaining competitive advantage and helping a company increase its market value. To be successful, a company must provide a product or service that is unique from the competition and valuable to the consumer. To do that, most businesses create something new, interesting, state-of-the-art, or otherwise proprietary. Most small businesses have some form of intellectual property, even though many don’t realize it. Your company’s name, logo, product, or service are some of the most common. You may have an invention. You may […]

Finding an Attorney for a Small Business

How does one go about finding an attorney for a small business?  Well, very thoughtfully and balancing the legal needs, the associated cost and potential quality of the counsel. Hiring an attorney for your company is a big decision. You’ve worked hard to build it from the ground up. You need a professional that’s by your side to listen to your needs and concerns and whose job it is to ensure the company manages its legal affairs prudently. When considering how to hire an attorney, it’s essential to evaluate the experience of the attorney, but also your ability to get […]

Cheap Legal Advice for Small Business

Savvy entrepreneurs are always looking for cheap legal advice for small business. Free is better, but cheap is good enough. However, one must be aware of the adage, “pay peanuts and you get monkeys.” So, how does an entrepreneur balance cheap legal advice for small business with excellent quality? Well, it’s not a walk in the park. Most startups and small businesses don’t have the funds to pay the retainer for a name brand, white-shoe law firm partner, much less ongoing legal fees for every aspect of a business. Is cheap legal advice out there, though? As a business owner, […]

Small business web hosting basics

Small business web hosting basics is a primer to help entrepreneurs understand the basic concepts and technical underpinnings. Running a modern business means maintaining an online presence. The online presence may include a website, an e-commerce store, and other listings across the web. For some, this is an exciting opportunity to flex creative muscles or tackle new challenges. For others, it represents another obstacle to success. Regardless of which side of that fence finds you, this guide will take you through the ABCs of web hosting. Small business web hosting basics What Is Web Hosting? Have you ever wondered where […]