About VentureHow:

VentureHow.com is a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration for entrepreneurs and small business owners/executives.
Our objective and unbiased tips, tools, templates, tutorials, and trusted advice distinguishes VentureHow.com as an advocate for the small businesses – the engines of growth in the American economy.


VentureHow publishes news, views, insights, analysis, and ideas for the small and medium sized business owners and executives leading them.
The articles and content span all aspects of small business – conceptualization to closure.
Our focus is on providing practical and actionable content to help make SMEs grow and thrive.

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Tools and Templates:

VentureHow offers affordable tools, templates, worksheets, and other form of do-it-yourself artifacts that typically cost an arm and a leg, should a SME hire a consultant or an advisor.
The idea is to enable the entrepreneurs and owners do-it-themselves as much as possible, or seek specific and marginal help, after creating the base content using the tools and templates.

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One of the challenges of an entrepreneur or a small business executive is how to find the right resources for the business. Whether it is software to run the business, or a professional to help with any aspect of the business, VentureHow Resources will help provide a list of potential sources to choose from.

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VentureHow Q&A is driven by a desire to help provide a forum for small business owners to help themselves. Our hope is to build a vibrant community of experts and entrepreneurs.

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