VentureHow.com: Frequently Asked Questions

VentureHow.com is a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration for entrepreneurs and small business owners/executives. The goal is to help entrepreneurs and executives from concept to closure, the latter which we hope is a successful exit.

There is much content – of varying quality – on the web, but there is no place that truly focuses on do-it-yourself content, tools, and templates. VentureHow intends to become a hub of such artifacts and advice.

Of course! If you are a small business expert offering advice, or an entrepreneur interested in sharing your experiences, you are welcome to contact us.

We are based in the United States – Greater Boston area to be precise. Our focus is U.S. based small and medium sized businesses. While we claim no expertise in business rules, regulations, and conduct in other countries, some of the tools and templates are universal and may be useful.

Absolutely not.  We are a content publisher and do not claim to offer any advice on legal, tax, accounting or other professional services.  You will need to consult a professional for such services.

Doing it yourself should not mean doing it all by yourself. With a free resource, which are abundant on the internet, you are not sure about the quality and copyright implications. We offer you tailored tools and templates at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional advisor.  Of course, sometimes it is essential to hire a professional, and even if you do, having a sound understanding and a base level content will help reduce the costs.

We make money – not much yet – in three ways. Advertising, affiliate links, and sales of tools and templates.