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Request to EU Residents

Request to EU (European Union) Residents

You may be aware of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which deals with the customer data policies of websites.

Venturehow is a small company and we do not have the resources to hire expensive consultants and lawyers to deal with the process. We intend to do the right thing and engage in fair business practices.

We try our best to safeguard data and we are in the business to help spread our intellect and help companies in our sphere of competence.  However, if major corporations’, governments, and intelligence agencies websites are not safe, we cannot promise anything.

We are not in the business to steal people’s data – personal or credit cards. We use a payment processor Stripe.com and we use WordPress as our content management system. We are hosted on Amazon AWS.  So, your data is basically stored in servers based in the United States.  And while we try to use application and website security measures, we cannot guarantee things.

Please review our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.

If you wish to not deal with a small company that doesn’t guarantee your data security, please do not do business with us and find another company.

Or call/email the Eurocrats to make it easy for small companies to make these complex regulations simple so that small companies understand and adopt the regulations.